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Tips For Small Businesses

Here’s Something You Don’t Think About Everyday!

Most people will go through their lives having never taken a professional headshot. Most equate headshots with Hollywood and see no real reason to have one. And for most, that’s perfectly fine. For small business owners, however, you are the face of your organization and having a professional photo available on your website and social media pages can be important.

First and foremost, people work with people they trust. Having a picture of yourself on your website lets customers know who you are, and can help them to feel more comfortable with your company. Second, the headshot can help portray something about your company that you may not otherwise be able to put into words. It will show that you are serious and your company is legitimate – it can also make a small operation seem larger. And finally, a professional headshot on a business card or website can help distinguish your business from others when people are shopping prices, meet you at a convention, or speak to you in passing. You are no longer one of the business cards, you are yourself, the business owner, and that picture will serve as a reminder of your conversation.

But if you do decide to upload a picture of yourself to your website, social media, or place it on your business cards, be sure it is a picture taken by a professional. A picture taken by a smartphone against an off-white wall will not look professional, and can actually harm the serious, professional tone of your business. Also, remember that all headshots are not the same. If you want to display something specific about your corporate culture, such as the fact that you are a laid-back, easy-going team, then taking your headshot in business casual attire might make more sense than a formal suit. When in doubt, ask the photographer – an experienced photographer will have taken hundreds of headshots and will be able to help you determine the best look for your business.

But no matter what the situation, a professional headshot will help with marketing your small business. It will make your business more personable, help your business to stay in the minds of your prospects, and can help to tell a story about your corporate culture. So if you don’t already have one, it’s time to go have a professional headshot taken.

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