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5 Ways to Maximize a Staycation

Working a little too many hours, well it’s time for a break. Think about something like a “Staycation” . When we think of vacationing, we usually think or warm beaches, exotic locales, or incredible theme parks. We don’t think of staying home as anything but a chance to catch up on errands and home projects. But if a staycation is all the budget affords right now, here are 5 tips to maximize that staycation to help you feel like you had a great vacation.

Buy the Right Food – Half the fun of a vacation is the food (or drinks) you enjoy during it. If you associate vacation with tropical drinks, then buy the mixes and make them at home. If you associate it with food you always get on a road trip, then go get it. If you like to travel to a specific region, then make (or order in) food from that region.

Pack – One thing we can all agree on is that packing (and unpacking) is an important part of any vacation. So go ahead and pack for your staycation. Pack the clothes you like to wear on vacation and wear them while you’re at home or out enjoying your time off.

Sleep Somewhere Else – This can be a local hotel or a guestroom. But for at least a few nights sleep somewhere other than your bed. Even just going down the hall to the guestroom can create the feeling of something different. You can also decorate it to look like a hotel somewhere else to really add to the experience.

Find out What’s Going on in Your Town – And the towns around you. There are always festivals, art shows, concerts, and the like going on. You probably pay it all no mind because it’s in your town and you’re busy with your day-to-day life. But if you were on vacation in another city, these are exactly the things you would look to do. This will break up your time off and give you something that will feel different.

Relax – If you’re a beach bum on vacation, be a bum on your staycation. If there’s a local beach, head there. If not, lounge in your backyard like you would at the beach. If you like to pamper on vacation, schedule a massage or facial during your staycation. Do something you wouldn’t normally do at home to treat yourself to help you relax.

Staycations don’t have to be dominated by boring projects and errands. By following these tips you can turn a boring staycation into the vacation you remember for years to come.

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